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Can A Believe In Supoernatural Be Essay

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In today’s world, science has broken down the universe, putting many superstitious beliefs to rest. Now, only a small number of supernatural beliefs still make their appearance within society, which includes the existence of ghost, aliens and good luck charms. Scientific discoveries over the years are responsible for questioning the supernatural. Today, people are also more focused on their survival rather than putting their fate in a supernatural being. To add, people do not pursue supernatural beliefs to the extreme as to prevent themselves from being socially ridiculed. While many are entertained by superstition and others use it as a form of escape, a belief in the supernatural when pursued to extreme ends, cannot be sustained in our modern world. Everyday, scientific discoveries are made and they expose the loopholes of beliefs in the supernatural and question their reliability.  In today’s world, majority would rather be certain in their beliefs before pursuing them. With science tearing apart what is perceived as the supernatural, people’s faith in the supernatural decreases, therefore i...

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