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Can A Machine Be A Person Essay

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Can a machine be a person?

The topic of this debate is whether machines with artificial intelligence that is able to replicate human behavior can be considered human or not. This house believes that computers are fully capable of being humans because regardless of whether it is made of the ‘wrong stuff’ if it is able to adapt to human attributes or behavior then there should be no reason to classify them as otherwise.

This argument is considered from a materialist view; which states that we are only one substance and that there is only physical or material reality. According to this theory, the ‘mind/soul’ is inexistent because it cannot be proven nor can it be identified with the body since we are just one substance made of ‘lump of flesh’ or meat (monist point of view). An example of personhood to support our theory is; Fear – a psychologically and scientifically proven condition which is caused by our brain state, electrical impulses and extraneous and envir...

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