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Can A Town Make You Overweight Essay

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In the article “Kentucky Town of Manchester Illustrates National Obesity Crisis,” Wil Haygood emphasizes how the dangers of obesity are rampant in small towns. Specifically, how their surroundings are contributing to the alarming obesity rate in this charming little town of Manchester. While Haygood depicts how the locals “celebrate the joys of community closeness,” he also reveals how “it is one of the unhealthiest places of all” (407). In fact, he points out that an estimated 52% of the 2,100 residents are considered obese, and that a majority of those are young children (Haygood 407). To illustrate, Haygood cites a research study conducted in Manchester and surrounding counties by Jill Day, a local resident (412). The findings revealed that “Of the 277 [children surveyed...

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