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Angkor: Major empires in SE Asia: 889-1431 Angkor/Khmer Empire; for empires, Massive from controlling trade routes—funan and Angkor (isthmus of Kra)—Hindu templates Straits of Melaka: 15th century Malaka; trade routes—Srivijaya and Melaka—follows martime trade routes and Melaka 1500s Hindu dynasty converts to Islam Spice Islands: Particularly large spice growing/exporting in islands—java, Maluku, etc—incredibly sought after throughout Asia, Europe, and E.Africa Monsoons: seasonal prevailing wind in the region of South and SouthEast Asia, blowing from the southwest between May and September and bringing rain (wet monsoon) or from the northeast between Octobver and April (dry) Vinta: canoe that made it possible for the voyage—migration of the Filipinos into the archipelago Laguna Copperplate: first written records; debt to King of Tondo; SE Asian/Hindu script; evidence of cultural links between Classical Tagalog People and the various contemporary Asian civilization Sultanate of Sulu: Parts of Mindanao, Borneo, and Sulu Sea—1457-1915 (Mahkdum Karim—Muslim Missionary from Se Asia) Big Rats Poem: book of songs, important to China’s emperor to know how the people were feeling and so they would send people out from the court into the countryside to hear what the people were singing Oracle Poem: initially writing used to ask questions of gods; eventually becomes Chinese writing system Legalism: Shang Yang 330-338 BCE; none of this touchy feely Confucian and Daoist stuff; FA-Law code must be clear and the laws must be equally and strictly enforced; SHU-the ruler’s tactics in doing this must be unquestioned and should be secret; SHI-the position of the leader is the heart of the authority, not the person holding that position Yellow Turban Rebellion: peasant/Daoist Revolt; abuse and corruption of landlords (scholar/gentry), famine and flooding, high taxes, ten attendants (eunuchs); argue Han have lost the Mandate of Heaven Liu Bang: former Qin soldier; leader in anti-Qin rebellion, Qin end in 207 BCE, by 206 BCE he has restored stability and establishes Han dynasty Empress Wu: starts as concubine to two successive emperors; gains power through her connections in the palace; rules as regent for her husband then her sons; as empress herself; deposed in 705 Tang Era Courtesan: social institution and become indispensable part o elegant life both in the capital and provinces; entertainers Foot Binding: prevent further growth and tight binding of young girl’s feet; common among all but the lowest of classes displaying status, women from wealthy families who did not need to work could afford their feet bound) and symbol of beauty in Chinese culture Budai: becomes popular around 600—tang persecution in 840s not that effective; Chan (Zen) Buddhism—buddhism with Daoist and Confucian elements—family becomes more central, more focus on meditation less on texts, even turn folkroric deities into bodhissattva Samurai: Heian Period—rise of Samurai as a warri...

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-1300 -1431 -1915 -338 -450 1000 1050 11200 1150 1185 1200 1250 1300 1400 1457 1500s 1550 15th 189 206 207 330 40000 500s 5th 600 705 8 840s 889 8in abil abund abus accountatn across administr advisor affect afford ag age agreement agri agricultur ai aiea ala alaska alii allianc allow almost along also america american among ancestr andes anger angkor angkor/khmer anim ankor anti anti-qin anti-women ao aotearoa april archeri archipelago arctic area argu armi aros around arrang art asia asian asian/hindu ask atlant atol attend au austral austro austronesian author avarua aztec back ball ban banana bang barbara base battl bce bead beadwork bean beauti becom bed beer beert begin benign better big bind bit bloodlet blow bodhissattva book borneo bound breadfruit breed bring brother budai buddhism buddhist build built bureaucrat buurreaucrat cacao cahokia cali california cambodia came camp canal cano capit captiv captur cast cavalri cayuga ce center central centuri ceram ceremoni chan chang channel chartless chichen chicken chief china chines chingiss choic chola chumash citi cities-ceremoni cities-mound city-st civil claim clam class classic clear climat close coast coastal coastlin code common compar competit concubin confederaci conflicgt conflict confucian connect conquer conquest contact contemporari contest contin continu contrast control convent convert cook copperpl corn corrupt corruption/weakness cotton could countrysid court courtesan creat credit cultur current cusco cusco-wel custom cycl daoist dead deal debt decad deciph defeat deiti densiti depend depopul depos descend describ develop dictat die die/are diet differ disband discont diseas display disput dissolv distanc distant district divers domin dong dorset dove dri driven drought drunk duke duti dynasti earli easi easili east easter eastern economi economy/society effect effici egtc eleg element elev elit elsewher emperor emphasi empir empress end endem enforc engin enough ensur entertain equal era especi essay est establish etc eunuch euro euro/asian europ even eventu everyth evid expand expand/rebuild expect extend extra fa fa-law faction fall famili famin famous far farm fashion fast favor fear feather feed feel feeli feet femal fertil feud fight figurehead fiji filipino find first fish five flat flee flood flower focus folkror follow food foot footbind forc forest former fortif fortifi fortun found freedom freer frequent ft full funan further gagil gain game gather gayanashagowa general generat genghish geographi get giant girl give go god goddess goe golden good got governor grade gradual great greenland group grow growing/exporting growth guatamala guesswork guinea gulf han han-wudi hand harsh hawaii hawaiian head heaiau hear heart heaven heavi heavili heian heir help hi high highland hindu hinduism histori hold home honor hord hous huangdi huge human hunger hunt hunter hunter-gather hunting/fishing husband hwere idia illinoi import important/recognized impoverish inca includ increas incred indian indispens indonesia infight influenc inherit initi inland inland-land inspir instead institut integr intend introduc inuit invas iroquoi iroquoian irrig islam islam-south island isthmus itza jade jaguar java ka kahiki kahoolaw kalo/taro kapu karim kauai ke ke-ala-i-kahiki khan khipu/quipo khwarezmi kill king kingdom know knowledg known kohala kra ladi lae laguna lake lanai land landlord languag larg larger last late later law lead leader leadership learn least led left legal legalist less life lifestyl like link littl liu live lo long lonopel loos loot lord lost lot low lowest made mahkdum maie maiz maize-secondari major make malaka malo maluku mammal man manag mandat mani manufactur maor mara maritim marquesa marri martim mass massacr massiv match mate materi may mayammar mayan measur medit melaka memori men mesoamerica mexico migrat militari mindanao minim missionari mississipian mississippi mississippian mix moch mohawk moikeha moku mongol mongolia monsoon mookini mortal most mound mountain move movement much muslim must myanmar nam name nation natur naval navig ne necess need neighbor neoconfucian network new next nobil nomad none north northeast northern numer numerica o oahu occup ocean oceania octobv offici often old older olivella olmec one oneida onondaga open option oracl oral organ other outer outrigg outspoken pa pacif palac paoatea part particular partner pass patriarchi pattern peac peasant peasant/daoist peninsula peopl period persecut persia person petroglyph physial pick pig pili pili-ka place plant play poem polit political/societal poor pop popul popular porapora posit possess possibl pot potato power ppl practic prevail prevent priest priest/navigator priestess primari principl prison problem produc product project prosper prostat provid provinc public pueblo purpos put q qin question quipuacamayoc raiatea raiatea-tah rain rainfal rank/status rape rat read reagard real rebellion reckon recogn record red regent region regular relat religi religion rememb repeat replac requir resist resourc rest restor retain return revolt rich right rise ritual river road rocki role room rotuma rout rule ruler run russia sacrific sail sale samarkand samoa samurai santa say scale scholar scholar/gentry scholar/gentry/bureaucrats scholar/landlords scholars/gentry scribe script se sea seafar season secondari secret see seek semi semi-nomad send seneca septemb settl settlement shang shape shell shi shi-th shogun shu shu-th side sign signific similar sin sing singl sister slaughter slave slower small social societi soil soldier son song sophist sorceri sort sought sourc south southeast southwest spars speak special spice split sport spot spread spring squash srivijaya stabil stabl star start starv state status stay steadi stepp still stone strait strength strengthen strict stricter structur stuff style subject submiss success sultan sulu summer sun supplement surfac surplus surrend surround surviv sweet swept swim symbol syst system tactic taema tagalog tahiti take taken tang taputapuatea tatiaca tattoo tax te tea teaotea teaouri teaouri-land tech templ templat temples-mass ten teotihuacan terrac terror texcoco text thailand thanland thin thing throughout tidal tie tight tikal tilafaiga time titicaca togeth tomb tondo tonga topsoil touchi town trade tradit travel tribe tributari trie trieu turban turn two uala uala/kumara understand unif unifi uniti unquest upolu upwind urban uri urubamaba use valley various vessel viet vietnam vinta voyag waipio wall war warfar warrior warrior/elite wat water wave wave-from way weak weaken wealthi weapon weather well west western wet wide widespread wind winter wipe wirt wirting-w without women work worker world would wreck write written wu wudi yam yang yap yapes yellow young yucatan zen zero