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Canabis Supplhigh And Demand Essay

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Canabis: SupplHigh and Demand
David McBride
Keiser University

Cannabis: SupplHigh and Demand

Shifts in Supply and Demand
In every market there is a supply and a demand. Supply and demand is possibly one of the most essential concepts in economics and is the backbone of the market economy. This is the determining factor in which determines the price and amount supplied of any type of merchandise or service that gets provided by the merchant. I was able to locate one article that will show the changes of supply and demand curve which affects all of those who are involved. This also demonstrates how it can benefit one side and then harm another. Would you have ever thought that a high demand product would get purchased at the retail stores desired price rather than the supplier’s? Well that’s the case with cannabis or as we commonly name it marijuana. The pot farmers have so much supply on hand that they are selling the product at the prices the retailers are willing to pay and they still can’t get ri...

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