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“Her name was Angela. For three short weeks, I thought she was the greatest thing that would ever happen to me. She was stunning in absolutely every way imaginable. Her perfect hourglass figure transcended the bounds of any mortal woman. Her long, slender legs challenged the self-confidence of all females who dared to be in her presence. She was also really hot. During this time, it never crossed my mind that loving a woman solely based on her looks was a bad idea. Yet in less than a month, Angela cost me my heart, my soul, and worst of all, over $700 in expenses.

Before I met Angela, I was living the big life. I had a nice TV, a lava lamp, and a part-time job at Subway. Since my parents bought me just about anything I needed, I made sure to keep every penny of my earnings in a bank account. After about 9 months, I had accumulated almost $2000. I was the kind of financially successful guy that women only dreamed of meeting.

While at work one day, I saw Angela for the first time. As I mentioned earlier, Angela was really hot. I had to have he...

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