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Canada Blod Services Hbr Essay

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Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services is an Institution created and regulated by the Health Ministry to assure the blood supply through Canada in a safe and sufficient way. CBS was founded when a scandal on contaminated blood in the 80’s affected thousands patients, even causing the death on some of them. To face the problem, the Canadian government created CBS as an independent institution that will manage all voluntarily blood donations and its distributions.

The blood supply is achieved by unpaid, voluntarily donations from people who find this activity rewarding by doing good without receiving anything in return, however there are some restrictions in order to donate blood that reduces the units of blood collected such as age, weight and health conditions. Considering these limitations the recollection may face an unavoidable restriction on the supply, although 50% of Canada population is eligible for donations. This concern was appointed by CBS Marketing Manager when he detected that the demand was growing 2 per cent per year whereas the supply wasn’t increasing at the same rate. He identified several reasons su...

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