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Should We Take Measures To Forbid Someone To Take The Oath Of The Canadian Citizenship With Their Faces Covered? Introduction
The Oath of citizenship is a recited statement which is signed by people who seek for Canadian citizenship. The oath is a pledge or declaration of fealty that is taken at a ceremony (citizenship ceremony), a promise to live by the laws of Canada and also vindicate Canadian citizen duties. This is the last stage before one is granted Canadian citizenship. The ceremony has been used in Canada since 1947, seeing a lot of foreigners being granted citizenship. Through the oath, Canada is now among the top countries with mixed religious citizens and ethnics group. The oath is does not compel or abolish a certain kind of religion, but its purpose is to acquire one’s commitment to the government form. Canada as a developed country receiving a great number of immigrants has seen some of the testing cases for its sovereignty as a multicultural state when it comes to taking the oath. A number of appeals have been made in an attempt to change the structure and procedures used for the oath with some appellants stating that it violets human rights as it comes as a compelling procedures to those who want Canadian citizenships. Despite a number of trials, none has succeeded in taking down the oath. In 2011, Minister of citizenship by then Jason Kenney made a regulation of not allowing anyone to take the oath with their faces covered, a regulation which affected the Muslim culture which requires its female members to cover their faces when they go public with a niqāb. Since then, the issue has been a hot argument with Zunera Ishaq (Pakistanian), making the latest appeal against the regulation stating that she can only show her face privately but not in front of the public that attended the ceremony. Should we (Canada) allow someone to take the oath with their face covered or should we arrange a private ceremony for a certain religion with regulations that will suit their belief? Research question

Should we take measures to forbid someone to take the oath of the Canadian citizenship with their faces covered? One of the most discussed issues today is whether we as Canada should allow or forbid someone to take the oath of the Canadian citizenship with their face covered due to their religious beliefs. This question can be argued from 3 main perspectives which are; religion, human rights and regulation and application of state law. Hypothesis

We should take measures to forbid someone to take the Canadian citizenship with their faces covered as they need to show their faces to show sincerity to take the oath. Paper outline
This paper will discuss the issue at hand which spells; why Canada should not allow someone to take the oath of citizenship with their faces covered. The paper will also examine the risks of changing rules and regulations of the oath based on certain religious beliefs. The paper will include several cases that involve real people and the Canadian system in the arguments section in order to give a clear explanation of each of the argument. Context

Taking an oath before one is granted citizenship has been practiced since 1947 and today it still remains as the most important part that shows one’s commitment to Canada. In the beginning, the Oath of Allegiance was taken by immigrants who did not belong to a commonwealth country as Canada viewed same person from another country of the commonwealth as its sovereignty. Due to the increasing of commonwealth nations, Canada enacted a new Canadian Citizenship Act 1946 which became effective on the 1st of January the following year. The new act required new immigrants to recite an oath in pledging their faithful and true allegiance to the then King George the Sixth and his successors and also abide by the laws of Canada. In 1977, the oath was recited with the aim of clarifying that the fealty which the new immigrants offered, it was not for any other countries such as England, therefore, words were added in the oath in honor of Queen Of Canada and also mentioned the name of the country (Canada) a number of three times. In modern day, the oath stands as a legally practice binding new Canadian citizens by oral and through a written contracts to ensure that they pledge to adhere to the laws and regulations of their new country (Canada). The oath also recites the new citizens’ promise to fulfill duties as citizens of Canada by recognizing the authority of the monarch. Historical facts

A number of times since the amendments were made in 1977, the oath has been challenged and proposes of it being modified have been launched. A decade after the new amendments were made, the government attempted to change the oath in order for it to include studying to whom the Oath of Citizenship should be given to in terms of allegiance. Despite the proposal, there were no changes made. In 1994, the then minister of citizenship and immigration challenged the form of the oath stating that it did not praise Canada to a greater extent and ought removing some words in the oath such as monarch will make the oath mo...

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