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Canada Competitiveness Essay Essay

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Christopher Cherler Thursday, October 18, 2012

Canada's Competiveness

Everyday, we pay attention to and interpret news stories about Canada. These stories are usually very bearish about our home country; news stories including; Unemployment rates increasing, economic growth being not as predicted, QE3, etc… with all these news stories being thrown around to bring Canada down, I still think to believe that even though Canada isn't achieving all these goals, Canada is still striving to be a competitive country. We have all the natural resources needed; our workforce industry is spectacular, and our infrastructures are effective. Canada just needs to hit that spot where we can overcome other countries and industries, it's all just a matter of timing and precision. Nonetheless, with those being said, Canada is a competitive country, we're just being "fashionably late" towards our economy.

My counter argument is towards The Global Competiveness Index of 2011-2012. Canada was ranked #12 in the year 2011 and as time passed to the year 2012, we are currently in 14th place. Back in 2001-2002, we were ranked 8th, but times changed and our economy hasn't been recovering as well as other countries since the recession. This is where I believe that this is very "bearish" towards our economic growth. The hype...

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