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Canada Contribution To Wwii Essay

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Canada Contribution to WWII

The Second World War was a time of great struggle for the Allied nations, but it was their collective efforts on land, in the air and sea, and on the home front that helped secure their victory over the Axis Powers. In particular, Canada’s significant efforts on land in the Battle of Normandy, the Burma Campaign, and the Conquest of Sicily played a key role in securing the final victory. Similarly, Canada’s aid to the Allies was crucial in the air and sea in the Battle of Britain, the Battle of the Atlantic, and the defense of Ceylon. Finally, at home, Canada’s financial support, production of wartime goods, and training of Allied pilots were essential to allow Allied forces to continue and eventually secure the victory. Canada’s contribution to the Allied war effort was a significant one because of her major role on land, in the air and sea, an on the home front.

Canada played a major role on land in securing the victory for the Allies by contributing many men and providing specialized expertise. In Europe, Canadians contributed greatly on D-Day by using their previous knowledge and experience from the Dieppe Raid. In Dieppe, “of the 5000 Canadians who took part, 913 lost their lives, while another 1950 were taken as prisoners of war.”1 The Allied nations took note of what went wrong in the Dieppe raid and made changes to their advantage in the attack of Normandy. They realized they had to “push back a full-scale invasion to regain control of Europe from 1943 to 1944 to give them more time to strengthen their forces”2 and “[change] their military strategy by deciding to launch a massive aerial strike ahead of the invasion to weaken German defenses.”3 These decisions proved important and led to Allied victory during the D-Day attacks. Along with the intelligence that Canada provided from Dieppe, “[they] provided 110 ships and 33 air squadrons in addition to 30 000 troops.”4 Canadian troops secured and captured Juno Beach and pushe...

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