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Canada Country Analysis Essay

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Canada Country Analysis
Nate Kretz
San Jose State University
Why I Chose Canada
There are a couple reasons that I decided to write a country analysis about Canada. First, my aunt, uncle, and three cousins leave in Canada so I am interested in their country. Second, the company I currently work for is looking to expand our operations into Canada. I thought this would be a good opportunity to explore how this country operates and to gain some knowledge from this project.

Canada Analysis

The world’s second largest country is known to be Canada. Thirty-four million people that make up their ten provinces and three territories occupy the vast amount of land. Most of the citizens are immigrants that live in an independent nation. The government was set up as a confederation with a majority of the power given to the democratically elected parliament. As did most countries during the recession in 2008, Canada saw a decrease in their economic activity, however they were able to turn it around. Canada remains one of the top economic performers in the world and is apart of the Group of Eight, the world’s top industrial nations (Canada: Economy, 2015). The Canadian government has undergone many reforms and governmental change since the 1980’s. Cana...

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