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Canada Country Extremely Supportive Freedom And Essay

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Canada is country that is extremely supportive of freedom and accepting of other people. The invasion of Holland during World War II helped shape this identity of Canada as a nation in two ways by: the liberation of Holland by the Canadian troops reinforced the perception of Canada as a nation which supports freedom and by the shelter given to the Dutch royal family during the war that showed caring for others and acceptance of them.

One of the biggest factors that helped shape Canada's identity in the world, was the liberation of Holland. The liberation could not have happened at a more crucial time. The war was coming to a close and Germany had taken Holland under attack in only a few days. Starvation and disease took over the country. A lot of the food, warm clothes and other necessities were taken by German troops for themselves. "Many people were starving, some begging on the streets for a loaf of bread, others were reduced to eating tulip bulbs or sugar beets for food." During the eleven mo...

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