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Canada Emr System Bridging The Gap Essay

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George Brown College
Course: Health Informatics (T402)
Term: Winter 2014
Professor: Diane Salois-Swallow


Handed on: February 28 2014
By: Vaibhav Khanna (100925351)
[email protected]

Any move to introduce technology into health care radically impacts the very nature of that care. If we don't have better understandings of the richness and complexity in the practical accomplishment of work, then we won't be able to design effective systems that will fit in with work. Furthermore, we won't be able to evolve work practices to take advantage of what technology can offer to support that work -Fitzpatrick, G.

It is a well-accepted fact that Canada lags behind in adoption of EHR as compared to other developed nations like Denmark, New Zealand, and United Kingdom. It is also unfortunate to see that in this age of IT industry boom Canada is facing issues of data loss through hardcopy. Recent disappearance of records of more than 12,000 cancer patients in Ontario has raised the urgency of accelerating the country’s electronic medical records (EMR) program.

In this paper it has been attempted identify the barriers in Canadian health care system that stop the country to achieve high rates of EHR. Also I Have tried to see the positives of health care systems of the three nations and efforts that they have made to reach at the top of EHR adoption rates. In this paper a connection between how attaining high EHR helps development of a stronger, more efficient and cost effective health care system will also be appreciated.

The issue of lag can be seen as a “blessing in disguise”. Taking a page from New Zealand, UK and Denmark, Canada now has an opportunity to not only move toward high adoption rates for EHR but to move a step ahead of simple data capturing and work towards more meaningful use of this data to improve Canadian health standards. EHR adoption should not mean just translation of health data from paper to electronic form but also should be available as live data that can be referred to, modified and used for various data analysis. The aforementioned problem can be addressed in two ways:

Bottom-up perspective: In this individual doctors should try new technology and become more user friendly to EMR.

Top Down perspective: Where government and institution motivate the change through provision of various policies and infrastructure.

Also a thought on how outsourcing of PHI to a third party vendor for conversion of paper based medical history to a useful and more meaning full electrical format can be made to deal with this problem has been introduced. Denmark

Nearly all primary care physicians in Denmark have electronic health records with full clinical functionality. These are connected to national nonprofit organization called “medcom” which enables GPs to get connected to specialists, hospitals, pharmacists and laboratories. Danish national health portal was introduced in 2005, which gives patients electronic access to EHR.

Factor that supported Denmark to reach this high level of IT use include supportive policies going back to early 1990s that set national standards to facilitate interoperability of data systems, quicker payment for physicians who use EHR and financial incentives to primary care practices for phone and e-mail consultations. Also there was a public perception that physicians that do not use EHR were second rate. Physicians report that IT has increased

efficiency and improved coordination of care. Also GPs have access to hospital records of patient and whenever patient changes GP records are electronically tran...

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