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Executive Summary
Canada Goose Inc. is a company who devote itself to luxury sport jacket industry. It is famous for style and functionality product. Over 150 independent retail stores has been owned with the standard expand consecutively. The products have been placed in a lot of countries except two authorized dealers. Dani Reiss, the president of Canada Goose, is pleased with sales and brand popularity. He decides to grasp the opportunity to strive for better development. The North Face as an American outerwear company is the main competitor of Canada Goose among many premium jacket market. Reiss received two distribution .One offer from high-end national chains, Asmuns Place, a leading fashion specialty store for both women and men’s product. The other one is from Levine’s Menswear which known for professional service and high-quality men’s fashion. However, Reiss should decide whether the two offers are on the same league of his objective of maintaining Canada Goose’s brand image. Cooperating with nation chains has lead to concerns of Westbrook’s Downtown. The other independently retailers fear they will not keep up with large national chains when they face to heavily discount.

Problem Statement:
Dani Reiss as the president of Canada Goose should make a decision about the future development of company. There are three challenges he should face during the process of shifting from small independent distributors to large national chains. Firstly, although distributing through national chains outcomes in increased sales for Canada Goose, wherein bear the risk of diluting the premium brand image which has been built up over the years. Secondly, Cooperating with Asmuns Place or Levine’s Menswear is a threat to small shop when experience the discount. Thirdly, Canada Goose lack of cooperating experience with retail chain. He has to consider building a more influential brand and expand the company by choosing the cooperative retail company using pricing, place, product, and promotion strategy. Decision-making should be forward-looking in a limit time. Situation analysis

Canada Goose is a company that set up in 1957, focusing on style and functionality during the cold and extreme weather condition throughout North America and Europe by retail store and online sale. Brand prestige is concerned as the most important to Canada Goose by president. It makes premium product while keeping low-key profile. For a better development of future, Dani keeps eye on long-term growth opportunity. The offer he received should be taken consideration of whether the two strategies are fit. Objectiv...

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