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Canada Goose Case

Canada Goose Inc, is famous for allying style, fashion and functionality during the winter season. It is featured in over 150 independently owned retailers and more recently, in the Athletic Legends Sportswear. In addition to being sold online by two authorized dealers, Canada Goose products have also been placed in a number of countries and have had great results in the European market. Now it has a significant opportunity to further strengthen itself as a leader by offering its product through national chains. Indeed, Canada goose considered offers from two national chain retailers. One offer came from a Canadian chain called Asmuns Place. Another offer came from Levine’s Menswear. 1. Situation analysis

a. The market
Canada Goose’s is a leader in the luxury sport jacket industry, and of the “well-made , fashionable jackets that featured a brand name”. C.G’s products were initially designed to brace the harsh elements of winter, since they are filled with down, but quickly it also became a status symbol. The company is offering mainly jackets but recently, it has also begun to extend to additional items such as gloves, hats…. For each gender there are 3 kinds of jackets: the Chilliwack, the Expedition and the Constable parkas are the most popular among men, and the Chilliwack, the Trillium and the Kensington are the ones that are famous among women. The prices are ranged from $420 to $610. b. Micro-environment

Who are the customers?
Typical Canada Goose customers change by the time. Customers tended to be affluent adults aged between 34 and 50. But, through the growth of the brand over time, this fact of age changed and consumers could be as young as age 16 and as old as age 64. Canada Goose shown a dramatic increase in knowledge of the brand across Canada...

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