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Canada Goose Essay

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Problem Statement
Canada Goose Inc. wants to expand the market. Dani Reiss have to make a decision according the two lucrative opportunities are offering by Asumuns Place and Levine´s Menswear or stay with the current situation. However, the decision needs to fit with the company’s current marketing strategy --- expand the market, increase the profit, but do not devaluation the brand. This decision is a departure for selling to national chain.

Situation Analysis
Expected to expand the market size
Become a market leader
Provide a high-end products
Keep a low-key company profile

Canada Goose is a company which produce outerwear able to worn in any extreme cold weather condition since 1957. Over time, the brand evolved to become fashionable and functioned brand. Canada Goose was a family company, now was running by Dani Reiss. Since he had taken over control of the company, the company gets success. He realized there is a market for well-made, fashionable jackets that featured a brand name. He decided to expand the company. Through these years, Reiss and his executive team made Canada Goose a well-know brand name. Canada Goose was almost as popular and well known in Scandinavia as it was in Canada by 2008.

S.W.O.T Analysis
The company has a long history and it has a good reputation. Canada Goose produces specific products. Especially for weather conditions. It is a high-end product and it is easy recognize as a premium product by public. Its main market is in Canada and it is a Canadian national brand, moreover, it produces in Canada. It is authenticity. Using real down. Providing three times more warmth per ounce than a comparable synthetic material. The brand had steadily grown, many retailers had begun to request additional items except the three most popular item. Products satisfy consumers’ needs: fashionable and useful. Warehouse could handle any expansion in product offering in the future. Word-of-mouth advertising keeps its advertising costs down. It was able to reinvest profits into product development. Canada Goose sourced furs from northern Canadian fur trader, is helping many Native Canadian communities. It helps increase the company reputation.

It is a high-end product so the consumers group is limit.
Using real down for material, according the produce cost will be higher than competitors which using synthetic material. Some new products were not featured in most stores, because independent stores did not want to see the new products without a proven track record of sales. Some products did not have stable sales in the market.

Advertising limit at product placement and sponsorships according its marketing strategy, no advertisements on television and radio. Could not give a big discount to some big retailers because it will be threaten to smaller shops. It is an indirect channel: producer- retailer- consumer. It might have a high maintaining inventory cost.

Customer group range is big: between 16 to 64 ages old.
The market still has room to grow. Its supply is higher than its demand Brand loyalty is high. Customers have the product as a status symbol. Selling to large national chains instead of focusing on the small independent stores. Offer from Asmuns Place: 10 retail stores across Canada. And it will bring Canada Goose to the upscale market. Offer form Levine´s mens...

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