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Canada Goose Case Analysis Essay

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Current situation
Canada Goose has experienced steady organic growth as a niche brand, selling their product through independently owned stores. By June 2008 it was selling product in 28 different countries across North America and Europe plus two authorized online retailers. Now it has a significant opportunity to further cement itself as a market leader by placing its product with a national chain. Initially, Canada Goose considered offers from two national chain retailers. One offer came from a Canadian chain called Asmuns Place. Another offer came from Levene’s Menswear. Table 1 provides a high level overview and compares these two offers. Table 1. Brief offer comparisons.

|Store\Feature |Est. |locations |% of sale |Markup |Product line |Additional concerns | |Asmuns Place |1837 |10 |5% |100% |Women’s clothing |Feature products in | | | |High-end; | | | |s...

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