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1) Using the PDF book Post-Colonial Studies: The Key Concepts (on Studium), answer the following questions:
a. When and where does the concept of the nation-state emerge? The concept of the nation-state emerge in the Renaissance in Europe. Between the 16th and 18th century. This is caused by a certain economic, social and political changes in Europe. b. What is the difference between nation and nation-state?

Definition Cambridge dictionary:
Nation: a large group of people of the same race who share the same language, traditions, and history, but who might not all live in one area.
Nation-State: an independent country, especially when thought of as consisting of a single large group of people all sharing the same language, traditions, and history. The difference between Nation and Nation-State is that people who lives in a Nation share a common origin, while people who live in a Nation-State might not have a same origin, which means that in the most of the cases it is a multicultural country.

c. How are colonization and imperialism related to the emergence of the nation-state? Colonialism and imperialism is what led Europe to colonize the world. However, when the first settlers came to the New World, were not able to create a sense of nationalism. After several generations, the nationalist sentiment that motivated the construction of the nation-state, in the New World. d. Do post-colonial states emerge as something radically different from the concept of a nation? The post-colonized states began having a similarity to European states. There is something that differentiates both of them, multiculturalism. The reason that the post-colonized states resembled European states was that a...

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