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Canada Timber Essay

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Case Analysis: Learning Team D
Canada Timber: Logging Time Negotiating with the Japanese
Christopher Carpenter, Christopher Freeman, Chauntoiya Jones, Kevin Thomas and Andria Thurman
Brenau University
BA642-Cross-Cultural Business Challenges

I. Identification of Problems
The problems outlined in this case centers around a lack of communication and preparedness for cross- cultural business. Neither Canada Timber nor Bonsai adequately showed much respect to the other’s culture. Foretelling what was to come, problems quickly ensued before the meeting took place as both companies differed in preparedness to meet for a potential partnership. Canada Timber’s role in the problems identified are Tim’s inadequate selection of members to represent Canada Timber, an improper response to a customary greeting, Tim’s informal mannerisms toward Bonsai company president, a lack of appreciation for Japanese city and its inhabitants, a lack of business materials, an unprofitable sales approach, and an overzealous approach to close a deal with Bonsai. Bonsai’s contribution to the problems identified include a preliminary excess of faxes sent to Canada Timber, questionable negotiation tactics, and a disregard for Canada’s time and resources when delaying business to make a decision. Overall, a lack of cross cultural business communication displayed from both companies led to the majority of problems identified in this analysis.

II. Analysis and Evaluation
Although both companies failed to address and appreciate each other’s cultural differences, the burden ultimately fell on Canada Timber since this company was invited to Japan for consideration to ...

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