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Canada Vs Us Essay

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Health care system in the United States has been the topic of discussion for the longest because of it uselessness to help Americans. However, the Canadian health care system is a classic example of what will be best for the United States healthcare requirements. Both, United States and Canada had comparable healthcare structures before Canada chosen to change its healthcare polices. “The two countries' health care systems are very different-Canada has a single-payer, mostly publicly-funded system, while the U.S. has a multi-payer, heavily private system-but the countries appear to be culturally similar, suggesting that it might be possible for the U.S. to adopt the Canadian system”(Comparing U.S and Canadian Healthcare System). The United States and Canada share a mutual relationship among the closest in the world and if the United States would apply the Canadian healthcare system, maybe our healthcare act would be as great as the Canadians. The admission to health care and coverage, Canadians health care system is more proficient in comparison to the US health care system. That can be...

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