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Canada West Editorial Essay

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Canada West Editorial

As many people may know, there have been extensive discussions regarding Canada West's, and other colonies, decision to join the Dominion of Canada. On this matter, it is a common feeling that the forming of a new nation holds multiple benefits for Canada West considering the problems that have been difficult to deal with. In recent times, Canada West has been engaging in a debate over whether a railway should built through the eastern part of British North America, the need for defense against a potential takeover from the United States and another raid from the Fenians, and an ongoing political deadlock. Canada West could do away with their frustrations by simply cooperating with other colonies to form a plan of action that could help everyone in one way or another.

In the past, most, if not all of British North America's colonies, not excluding Canada West, have been plagued by raids from Irish rebels, who are known as Fenians. The current population is also at risk of an American takeover, and BNA's southern neighbours may be able to act upon the...

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