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On September 10 1939, Canada declared war on Germany. This was Canada's first independent declaration of war. Over 1 million citizens served in the military and by the end of the war Canada had the fourth-largest air force and third-largest navy fleet in the world. Around 41% of Canadian males 18–45 served in the military. WW2 would not have been won if it weren't for the huge contributions Canada made to help the allies. Canada made one of the largest commitments to the effort, and was very important for its role in liberating Europe. We supplied the British people when they stood alone in Europe. We had a huge role in the invasion of Italy. When it was time to open up a second front in Europe again we were there to help. One of Canada’s biggest contributions to the war was our Navy. At the start of the war our Navy was obsolete. But by the Battle of the Atlantic we were escorting cargo ships bound for Britain, i...

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