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Canada A Bridge Connecting Together The Essay

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Canada: A Bridge Connecting Together the Rest of the World

By E. Chan

The year was 1981, and Kin Chan had arrived in Canada for the first time, leaving China, the communist-controlled nation, to seek a better life and a promising future for his family. Having only partially completed secondary education (the Cultural Revolution forbids citizens to advance in education), Chan still maintained his optimism: “[Chan] what whatever it takes to work hard and survive and raise a family here in Canada,” he once promised. As honourable as his statement was, there was one other that couldn’t have been more definite: “I need this country as much as it needs me.”

In Canada, a home to many immigrants such as Chan, there is a mutual dependency as this country was founded by immigrants; however, should Canada consider limiting its quota on the number of immigrants arriving into the country? With a nation of nearly 34,000,000 people (Statistics Canada 2010), Canada has been experiencing a slowdown in its natural increase of population and is nearing zero population growth (Kendall, Nygaard, and Thompson 2008:344). If Canada is to have any form of optimism in its future, it must sustain a healthy population growth or raise the quota of the number of immigrants into Canada which is currently aimed for 240,000-270,000 people (Citizenship and Immigration Canada 2009). Immigrants have been taken for granted in this country as there are many natural-Canadian citizens who do not realize the countless of beneficial gains: to counter zero growth rates; to build a healthy economy; and to sustain a true cultural mosaic that makes Canada so unique.

As Canada is believed to have completed the demographic transition (Hiller 2006:29) which it initially begins with high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates, due to technological development (contraception, imp...

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