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Canada A Great Place To Be Essay

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Canada a Great Place to Be
Canada is regarded as the land of peace and freedom. Like any other country, Canada had its defining moments; events that had shaped it into what it is today. The influence Canada had on the military and war defined it as a strong, peaceful and independent nation. Many of its contributions to the military were in the battle of Vimy Ridge, on the Day of Deliverance (D-Day) and during the Rwandan genocide in Africa.

The battle of Vimy Ridge was truly a notable moment for Canada. It took place in the spring of 1917 between the Germans where Canada captured Vimy Ridge ( The battle brought about world recognition and became a symbol of success and sacrifice, as well as an example for countries around the world. Firstly, it was the first time that all 4 Canadian divisions united together for battle (Cruxton 93). Secondly, “Four Canadians won the Victoria Cross at Vimy”, which united many Canadians in honor at the bravery of their soldiers (Cruxton 94). Lastly, Vimy Ridge marked the only success of the Allied attack of 1917( The battle of Vimy Ridge created one of the many defining moments in Canadian history. Not only...

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