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Canada A Product Of Two Countries Essay

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Who plays more important behind the multiculture country? Sandy Li 3B
In 1971, from the Canada multiculturalism act, Canadian government had admitted that Canada was a multicultural country, and accepted it’s English and French double property. In 1867, when Canada was built, the proportion of English and French people occupied 91.6%. Although Canada has been colonized by French people first, English still give a huge influence on its cultures, and nowadays these two public languages are both used in Canada. Therefore, Canada should be considered as a product of two founding nations. The French-Canadian history has been last for over 150 years. The French people are not only the first colonizers in Canada, but has also made a huge contribution to Canadian’s development in economics, politics and infrastructure. In the year of 1534, the French explorer Jacques Cartier made 3 voyages through the St.Lawrence Seaway to aboriginal settlements at Stadacona [Québec] and Hochelaga [Montréal]. However, after the third failed attempt by Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, one of the major figures in Canadian cultural heritage sailed to Acadia with Pierre Dugua de Mons, who planned to establish a French colony there in 1604. Science that time, the French people started the colony in Canada and named it as New France. From 1608 to 1763, New France was a colony of French. During that time, Samuel de Champlain established Quebec as the center of a powerful colony in 1604, in...

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