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Canada S Ascendance To Autonomy Essay

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Arone Fannuci
Anna Mancuci
Feb 25, 2013
Canada’s Ascendence to Autonomy
Focussed Topic: Prior to the first half of the twentieth century, Canada was nothing more than a British colony, but that changed as the nation went through a building block of events towards full autonomy. Thesis: Although it took nearly a century to do so, Canada transformed from a self-governing British colony to a fully independent nation through the defining moments of Vimy Ridge, Chanak crisis, and the Statute of Westminister,

Source 1: Wells, Donald, and Heather C. Hudak, eds. Canada's Road on Independence. Vol. 2. Calgary: Weigl Educational Limited, 2005. Print. Donald Wells has more than 25 years of experience as an editor and writer, in which he edited more than 200 published journal articles and academic books, some of which have won awards. Additionally, his professional background features a position as project coordinator for Weigl Education Limited, the publishers for this book (1). Donald Wells presents thorough information about Canada’s road to independence, covering the events from their by a distant monarch, to their transformation into an autonomous nation. Correspondingly, the authors’ main point is that this ascendance into sovereignty was not from one event, rather a buildup of events that proved to the British Empire that Canada were capable of independence. This is revealed chronically, going through significa...

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