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Canada S Contitutional Monarchy Essay

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Why Canada Should Remain a Constitutional Monarchy…
K. Prince
October 4, 2013

A six-year-old boy sat perched on the shoulders of his father as the two waited for the coming motorcade. The boy who had been told by his father that this was a very special occasion as he was about to see a very famous lady. That woman was Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and by virtue of that vaulted position as head of the British Commonwealth she was also Queen of Canada. That happened in 1984 and that little boy who was seated atop his father’s shoulders so that he could see over the throng of other spectators was myself. I remember the car that Her Majesty was sitting in drove past at a snail’s pace. The crowd was waving and cheering enthusiastically. For a moment the Queen looked up from where she sat in the back seat of the sedan and our gaze met for a brief second! For her, Elizabeth the Second, I was just another face in millions she’d seen in a life time of public duty. For myself however it was in that moment that a lifetime of loyalty was forged. Yes, in that moment I became not just a royal watcher… I became a monarchist. I found that regal lady very important to me then and later on as an adult. This is why Canada should remain a Constitutional Monarchy. The monarchy is of interest to the paparazzi, Canadians at large and royal watchers alike. Her Majesty’s ...

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