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Canada S Involvement In Wwii Essay

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Canada’s Involvement in WWII
Throughout the course of history, Canada has proven to be an independent country that is capable of governing its own people without the support of Britain. Canada has developed its own national identity and has ceased to be known solely as a colony of the British Empire. However, in times of war, Canada is still responsible to be involved, as without the contribution of Canada to World War II, the invasion of neighboring countries by Germany will be extremely likely. It is only a matter of time before this conflict turns into a full-scale war, concerning not just Canada, but other countries as well. Canada’s role in the war to come is to support Britain, since there are a sufficient number of trained soldiers, there is no conscription crisis so far and there is the necessity of discontinuing Germany’s growing power at all cost. Although Canada is not as prepared as it was at the beginning of World War I in terms of artillery and manpower, it is still able to make a considerable contribution. This becomes especially true after British Commonwealth Air ...

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