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Canada S Natural Resources Essay

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Canada is …
By: Mr. Sidhant Godara

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Map of Canada:
Canada -------------------- Ottawa
Ontario -------------------- Toronto
Quebec -------------------- Quebec City
Manitoba -------------------- Winnipeg
Saskatchewan -------------------- Regina
Alberta -------------------- Edmonton
British Columbia -------------------- Victoria
Newfoundland & Labrador -------------------- St. John’s New Brunswick -------------------- Fredericton
Prince Edward Island -------------------- Charlottetown
Nova Scotia -------------------- Halifax
Nunavut -------------------- Iqaluit
Northwest Territories -------------------- Yellowknife
19050958215Yukon Territory -------------------- Whitehorse
Map of Canada and Capitals
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Canadian time zones:
Pacific Standard Time (Victoria, Whitehorse)
Mountain Standard Time (Edmonton, Yellowknife)
Central Standard Time (Regina, Winnipeg)
Eastern Standard Time (Toronto, Quebec City, Iqaluit)
Atlantic Standard Time (Halifax, Fredericton, Charlottetown) Newfoundland Standard Time (St. John’s)

6 requirements for making a map:
Always have a border around a map, drawn with a thin black line. Do not color the border area All features at the edge of the map must be drawn to the border. Do not draw countries as if they were islands TITLE

Always have a specific title that explains your map. The title “Provinces and Capital Cities of Canada” would be correct. Titling the same map “Canada” would be incorrect. KEY
Used when colors or symbols need to be explained
Must match what is on the map exactly
Should be enclosed to separate it from the rest of the map
Color or shading must carefully follow the map lines
Always show the north direction on a map with a simple arrow. Large, fancy indicators are inappropriate LABELS
Always print information
Never underline printing on a map
Names of places must be horizontal, while names of rivers and mountain ranges follow the feature You’re Space

Four Hemispheres: northern, southern, eastern, western
Latitude: Horizontal
Longitude: Vertical
Equator: 0 degrees
North Pole (highest measurement): 90 degrees north
South Pole (highest measurement): 90 degrees south
Arctic Circle: The Arctic Circle is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth. The Arctic Circle is the southernmost latitude in the Northern Hemisphere at which the sun can remain continuously above or below the horizon for 24 hours. Antarctic Circle: The Antarctic Circle is the northernmost latitude in the Southern Hemisphere at which the sun can remain continuously above or below the horizon for 24 hours. Every place south of the Antarctic Circle experiences at least one whole day each year during which the sun does not set, and at least one whole day during which the sun does not rise. A period of twenty-four hours' continuous daylight occurs at least once per year as does a period of twenty-four hours' continuous night time. On the Antarctic Circle these events occur, in principle, exactly once per year, at the December and June solstices respectively. Tropics: The Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn each lie at 23.5 degrees latitude. The Tropic of Cancer is located at 23.5° north of the equator and runs through Mexico, the Bahamas, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, and southern China. The Tropic of Capricorn lies at 23.5° South of the equator and runs through Australia, Chile, southern Brazil (Brazil is the only country that passes through both the equator and a tropic), and northern South Africa. The tropics are the two lines where the sun is directly overhead at noon on the two solstices - near June and December 21 Prime Meridian: 0 degrees

International Date Line (highest measurement): 180 degrees
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Topographic map:
Topographic maps use symbols to provide detailed information about physical features and human activities. Area symbols are colored patterns that represent roads and railways. Point symbols represent specific features like bridges and buildings. A legend explains what each symbol means. The numbers across the bottom have lines that run north to south. These are called eastings. The numbers along the side of the map are called northings. Moving from the bottom of the map (south) to the top of the map (north). Four-figure grid reference: this type of grid is especially useful when describing the location of large feature. When given a grid reference, remember that the easting always come first. Six-figure grid reference: the distance between northings is also divided by tenths. Contour Lines: these are lines that connect places of the same elevation. The height above sea level in meters is indicated on the line. Contour Interval: the difference in elevation between one contour line and another. This is usually indicated at the bottom of the map. Ratio Scale: on this map the ratio scale is 1:50 000. This means that the distance on the ground is 50 000 times greater than the same distance on the map. Large-scale maps: show small areas. They have scales of 1:10 000 to 1:1 000 000. Small-scale maps: show less detail. They illustrate large areas like countries or oceans. Small-scale maps have scales of 1:1 000 000 to 1:10 000 000. 25781062865



Canada has four basic types of land-forms, the Canadian
Shield, the interior plains, the lowlands, and the mountain rim. The Canadian Shield: The foundation of the Canadian land mass is a massive bedrock called the Canadian Shield. This bedrock contains some of the oldest rocks in the world. Much of the Canadian Shield is formed from extremely hard igneous rock. The most common type is granite. This is an impervious rock, which means that the water cannot pass through it. In the geological past, the elevation of the Canadian Shield was much higher than it is today. The forces of erosion have been at work over millions of years. As the rock eroded, the Shield became lighter and mountains emerged once again. The Interior Plains: As erosion wore away the rocks of the Canadian Shield, the rocks particles were carried westward by the movement of rivers, streams, and ice. Eventually they were deposited in the Interior Plains. As the Shield continued to erode, more and more layers of sediment were transported. Each layer was deposited on the top of the previous layer. Over millions of years, these sediments were transformed into sedimentary rocks. The Lowlands: There are three large lowland areas in Canada: the great lakes-St. Lawrence lowlands, the Hudson Bay lowlands, and the arctic lowlands. The great lakes-St. Lawrence lowland is the smallest of the three regions in the physical sense. Three out of five Canadians live here. It contains the country’s two largest cities, Toronto and Montreal. The Mountain Rim: As much as 2 900 km beneath the earth’s surface lays a very hot form of semi-liquid rock. This mass of rock actually moves around. As it is heated its contents circulate upward in a process called convection. In a similar way, this mass of rock is forced by the heat to circulate very slowly beneath the earth’s crust. Over time, pressure from this movement has cracked the earth’s crust, creating plates. When plate move apart, rising liquid rock called magma is forced to the surface. There it cools, forming a new part of the earth’s surface. When plates move towards one another, however, they either scrape together or one rides over the other. Geologists believe that the whole system of Canadian West Coast Mountains was formed by the collision of two plates. Landforms

Erosion: elevation is affected by erosion. This is the gradual wearing down of land or rock by a variety of natural forces. These include temperature, running water, ice, wind, and vegetation. Rock cycle:

Rocks can be transformed through the rock cycle. Rocks can be created from hot, melted magma that rises from deep within the earth’s crust. It then cools and hardens to form igneous rock. This rock may be broken down into particles, or sediments. Eventually the sediment hardens to form sedimentary rock. Pressure and heat can cause this rock to melt once again, forming metamorphic rock. This rock may contain valuable mineral resources.

Weather: is the combination of temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, and that we experience each day. Climate reflects the weather patterns in a particular region over the long term. Both weather and climate are the products of several influences: latitude, air masses, altitude, landforms, and nearness to water. Each of these factors has an impact on the two main components of weather and climate, temperature and precipitation. Coastlines have a maritime climate. The temperature range between the highest average temperature and the lowest average temperature is generally lower than in continental climates. Continental climates are usually found in the interior of large land masses. They are generally long distance from large bodies of water. Continental climates experience hot summers and cold winters. This results in a larger temperature range than maritime climates.Ecozones Ecozones

An ecological zone, or ecozone, is based on the ways in ties interact. An ecozones is the...

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