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Canada S Top Plant Project Essay

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Name: MY, LE
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Plants always play a crucial role in our daily life. They make great contributions to the growth and development of a country. For instance, in Canada, there is a huge number of various kinds of plants that can be used as a source of food, pharmaceutical products, Aboriginal medicines, building materials, flood and erosion control, a resource for recreation and ecotourism, etc.

Plants have been known as a source of food for animals and humans for years. There are about 2000 plant species, which are cultivated for food. Plants’ seeds are a good source of food; they contain necessary nutrients including healthy fats such as Omega fats. Popular edible seeds are nuts, beans, peas, cereals, etc. Moreover, fruits are also a good kind of food that most people like because they are not only delicious but also healthy. Most fruits are low in fat, sodium and calories, they provide humans wi...

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