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Canada’s military involvement in the Afghanistan War against terrorism has been significant. However, it mistakenly comes to a halt with the decision of leaving the battlefield in 2011 and completely retreating from Afghanistan in 2014. Canada should continue their mission and assist the coalition to the best of our abilities, in creating a safe region in the Middle East, eradicating terrorist threats and building up a democratic Afghan government. In addition, with NATO withdrawing most of the alliance's 130,000 combat troops in 2014, it would leave Afghanistan poorly armed with local forces, revitalizing terrorists in regaining power, and posing threat to Canada and the world (Baldauf). Furthermore, by achieving our goals and missions of the Afghanistan War, we would enjoy the benefits of building a democratic Afghan government and setting the example of successful peacekeeping. The hasty decision of Canada to pull out of Afghanistan may primarily stop the spiraling cost of war and soldiers bleeding, however all the previous successes made will be wasted and the consequences will do more harm than good. Canada should continue their missions, retaining both combat and peacekeeping roles in Afghanistan, until our goals have been achieved. First, by cutting and running from Afghanistan, Canada is giving away the money and efforts spent on Afghanistan. Since the commencement of our missions in late 2001, Canada has spent an estimated amount of CAD$18.5 billion on military operations and reconstruction projects in Afghanistan, and 158 Canadian soldiers have died in the war in Afghanistan or in support of the war (History of Canada’s Engagement in Afghanistan). By pulling out of the war, we may immediately save a decent amount of money in contribution to the war in Afghanistan and use the money to take care of the front burners of our own country, and stop adding ...

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