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Canadas Ebola Risk Very Low Officials Essay

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CANADA’S EBOLA RISK ‘VERY LOW,’ OFFICIALS SAY AFTER U.S. REPORTS CASE CANADA’S EBOLA RISK ‘VERY LOW,’ OFFICIALS SAY AFTER U.S. REPORTS CASE According to Canada’s top health consultants and officers, the Ebola disease risk for Canada is very low. As United State, is facing Ebola disease issue because of tourist and travelers from Liberia and West African Countries. According to Gregory Taylor, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Canada is prepared to mitigate the risk of Ebola virus and prepare to prevent spread of this virus as, all Airports, hospitals and laboratories in Canada is prepared to treat and contain in this virus. He mention, Ebola virus is more effective in 3 African countries as Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone and fortunately there are...

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