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Canadas Emerging Identity Essay

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Canada’s Emerging as a Country
Canada at the turn of the twentieth century was an emerging new country eager to make life in Canada one to be envied across the world. This was not an easy task. Canada did not separate on violent terms like their neighbor to the south. They had done so on diplomatic terms which left them a country still part of the British Empire unable to handle her own foreign affairs. Though this was a success, in later years it was cause for many problems. Britain was unable to let go of her colony. How was Canada expected to emerge as a country on a global scale if she could not even handle her own foreign affairs? Over and over again Canada was forced into wars that almost split the country. With such a delicate population of two dominating cultures (English and French) Britain was slowly tearing the country they created apart. Canada's emerging identity was hindered by Great Britain's inability to let go of her former colony as shown in the Bohr War, the Alaska Boundary dispute, and in the Great War. On October 11th 1899 the second Bohr War broke out in South Africa. This was a direct result of Britain’s failure to sign the Transvaal Ultimatum which called for the disputes to be settled with an arbitration.[1] Almost immediately Britain called on Australia for support. Throughout the war Australia alone supplied more than 16000 men, most trained as militia.[2] In the first few months of the war the British military suffered huge losses, this caused for her to call on her colonies for more reinforcement. The war from then on out turned and a lot of that was credited to Lord Kitchener’s leadership.[3] He followed a threefold plan to end the war, first a scorched earth policy to deprive the enemy of food, second was to create concentration camps to keep women and children in hopes to lure their husbands, and third to keep all black peoples confined so that the Bohr's loose their ch...

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