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Canadian Aboriginals Essay

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Civilization occurs when a population is made up of people who are advanced in intellectual development, culture, and material. Not only do they have to be advanced in development, but they also have to maintain and progress towards healthy and safe standards of living. The first inhabitants of Canada, the aboriginals, belonged to many tribes, each with its own characteristics and background. They moved from area to area and as they did that, they were able to adapt to the new environment very easily. When the aboriginals are talked about today, they are commonly referred as savages and uncivilized, but in reality they were civilized people. Their tribes consisted of everything that we commonly find in a civilized society such as a form of a political system, roles and responsibilities, culture and religion, and a development in the field of technology and medicine. The aboriginal people maintained a system in which roles and responsibilities were assigned to each member in a tribe. They had members in charge that lead and represented the tribe therefore a form of democracy is apparent. Both mal...

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