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Canadian Approach On Sars Essay

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Human beings have struggled with many kinds of epidemics throughout their history. Obviously, people are more prepared to deal with such threats now, but still it’s always a hard job to deal with something totally unknown and spreading at a fast rate. The exact number of infected people could never be predicted in those cases, and that is one of the main reasons that afraid people. SARS was one of the most recent disasters and was the cause of many people’s death. The appearance of a brand new disease panicked people and showed us that we are not still fully prepared to deal with an unexpected case like this. A lot of mistakes have been made and there were plenty of things that should have been done before. This paper is an analysis of those mistakes and the actions that would have prevented SARS to become a global threat. Insufficient beds in hospitals were one of the main problems. First cases of the illness wanted to be hospitalized by ER doctors, simply...

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