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Canadian Blood Services Essay

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1-What are the objectives of CBS?
Some of the objectives of the CBS include increasing the amount of blood in order to meet the supply. Currently the supply exceeds the demand. There is an increased demand currently due to the increase, which was increased by the aging population that reduced donations while increasing the need for blood products created by emergency and elective surgeries. To implement the objectives of CBS there needs to be an increase in awareness as well as donors in order to meet these demands. There is a great potential with new donors and repeat donors. Repeat donors make up a majority of the blood supply because of how often they donate. Once a new donor donates, they may become repeat donors ultimately increasing the overall supply. Decreasing wait times is also an objective which was demanded by the hospitals in order to save time and potentially lives. So to solve these problem, the two objectives are to increase the numbers of donors and donor retention. 2. Perform a SWOT analysis for CBS.

CBS operates 43 permanent collection sites and conducts more than 20,000 donor clinic annually at more than 1,600 unique locations. This is a great strength because it is very accessible and makes it easy for donors to find a location to donate. Weaknesses

The demand is surpassing the supply by a large amount. In 2011, there were 900,000 units of blood donated while 1,000,000 units were needed. Opportunities
There is a large population to attract. Currently only 10.2% of the eligible population is donating, so there is great potential with the rest of the 79.8%. Threats
There could be a blood contamination similar to th...

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