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Canadian Blood Services Case Study Essay

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Canadian Blood Services
The main strategic issue affecting the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is making sure their blood supply keeps up with demand. Because blood is such a necessity in the health care industry it is always in high demand, meaning the Canadian Blood Services needs to constantly have a large enough supply to fuel this demand. Therefore, new donor recruitment is high on the list of priorities. As they found in a recent study, most of the population didn’t realize the high need for blood. When trying to recruit new donors they were faced with another issue; the hesitation to donate. Some possible donors listed fear of needles/pain and the actual process of donating blood as reasons why they chose not to donate. This is another obstacle for the Canadian Blood Services because these reasons make it harder to find new donors. ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION OF THE SITUATION

The aversion to donating blood began in the 1980’s, since then some of the public has continued on that same attitude. As the years have gone on, the demand for ...

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