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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Essay

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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – Canadian Broadcasters of Culture

The CBC is a publicly owned media outlet funded (in part) by taxpayers. The CBC was formed in the context of a very different historical moment than now. Given that the Canadian mediascape has changed, should the government continue to fund the CBC?

When the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was created in 1936, it was intended as a public radio station to inform Canadians across the country and to provide them news and information both nationally and regionally. Since then, with the changing media-scape and the introduction of different forms of media, it has expanded into both the television and Internet realms. The CBC should remain as a publically funded media outlet as it is constantly adapting to the changing media-scape whilst still promoting and providing all Canadians with Canadian culture and news.

CBC Radio Canada, Canada’s first major public leap into the media world was established in 1936. It currently operates a completely federally funded, commercial free platform (O’Neill, 2006, p. 180). Playing a minimum of 35 percent Canadian content, as outlined in The Broadcasting Act of 1991, CBC Radio runs two on-air radio stations. These two stations; CBC Radio One and Radio Two, promote Canadian news, culture and music (O’Neill, 2006, p.184). CBC Radio One, Canada’s leading on air destination for news features magazine-style news programming and some music. Broadcasting throughout three time zones across Canada and offering regional specific time slots, Radio One is built to ensure that both up to date local and national news and culture is available to all Canadians. (O’Neill, 2006, p.184) CBC’s Radio Two was rebranded in 1997 into a more musically based programming schedule. Focusing on more classical music programming, it also touches on jazz, contemporary and world music (O’Neill, 2006, p. 186). In the millennial year of 2000, CB...

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