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Canadian Combat Action Ww2 Essay

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Keith Rose, Avery Deruchie

20–28 December 1943

Battle of Ortona
"Little Stalingrad"

“By December 20 the Canadians had reached the outskirts of Ortona, but it was not until three days after Christmas, after very severe fighting, that the town was cleared of the enemy. This was the first big street-fighting battle, and from it many lessons were learned.”

- Winston Churchill, The Second World War, Vol. V, Closing the Ring

Overall Situation in WWII before the war.
The Canadians had landed on the Italian coast in September
to find the Germans had backed off to the north. German
forces quickly moved throughout Italy, and as the Canadians
began their march north on the right flank of the Allied
armies, resistance stiffened.
By the beginning of December, Allied troops had broken the
German lines. The 2nd New Zealand Division crossed the
Moro River to the west of the Canadians but failed to take Orsogna. Charles Allfrey, who was commanding the V Corps of the British 8th Army, signalled Major-General Christopher Vokes. "You must get over the Moro River as soon as possible." On 3 September 1943, the Western Allies invaded the Italian mainland, which started an Italian armistice with the Allies. Germany responded by disarming Italian forces, seizing military control of Italian areas, and creating a series of defensive lines. German special forces then rescued Mussolini, who then soon established a new client state in ...

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