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Canadian Confederation Essay

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Road to the “Maple Loaf forever”
By the time 1500s, European settlers started to move and build settlements on this newly discover continent of North America. Colonies from different cultures built unique communities and within hundreds of years of colonization, assimilation and warfare, only two major societies remained, the British North America (BNA) which belonged to British government and the newly born United State (US). BNA, however, was not a united nation like U.S.; it was a weak union created by several politically independent provinces which appeared to be controlled by Britain. By the time free trade began in the 1800s, it allows countries could trade without tariff to each other. This created a large trade market in Europe, allowing Britain to impot materials from its neighbors with lower prices but not the distant BNA. Thus, Britain did not want to expend so much money and efforts on taking care of BNA like before, but wanted them to look after themselves. BNA’s neighbor, the U.S. Replaced Britain and became the new main economic partner to BNA. Also, U.S.’s expansionism was a big threat to BNA. The success of free trade in Europe, the economic partnership with U.S., and the fear of invasion from U.S. Were the three key external factors that lead to the confederation of Canada. Britain had taken the control of BNA for a long period, however, the cruel fact BNA had to face by the time of middle 1800s was Britain would like to drop BNA. The spread of the idea of free trade in Europe created a political foundation of Canadian confederat...

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