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Canadian Conscription Of 1917 Essay

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Dear brother,
Dad told me you have recently been conscripted and ordered to report for military service. I suppose the persuasiveness of the drafting posters and how important it is for us “to stand shoulder to shoulder with Britain” as Prime Minister Borden so clearly stated seemed to leave no room for alternative measures. While I am completely against you reporting for service, there are negative consequences if you don’t go. That being said, I would like to share with you my experiences since the day I joined force - the consequences of not going, the casualty count, and the Canadian government’s response 3 years into the war - so you have a clearer understanding before you decide. The government could not force you to do what you think is wrong or punish you for refusing to do something you thought was wrong. You can go to your local tribunals to plead your case. If the judges found that it was best if you stayed at home, then you will not be sent overseas (Shaw 2009). Though this alternative measure has caused anger amongst other Canadians. Many people believed that if contentious objectors (people who simply did not want to fight in WWI) were not willing to give service against the enemy, then the only choice for them was between c...

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