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Canadian Express Essay

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Canadian Express
Cariboo Gold Fever:  My name is Mackenzie Wilde. My partners and I endured through an amazing journey to reach our destination of the Fraser River. The route I took was the most expensive one; I departed from England to Panama. Getting off a ship at Colon at the Atlantic side was calm. Next, I crossed the Isthmus by stage coach. Then, I took another ship to San Francisco. At this time, I was very exhausted. The last step of my journey was to board another ship that sailed all the way to Vancouver Island. It has taken me a total of six to eight weeks to arrive here. My name is Joseph Middleton and the route that I have taken was from the Southern tip of South America at Cape Horn. This course was much cheaper than Mackenzie’s, however it was also more time consuming. It took me somewhere between four to five solid months to arrive at the Fraser River. ...

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