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Canadian Firearms Program Essay

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Case Study: Individual Preparation Report
Name: Maruf Hashem
Date: January 30, 2013
Case Title: Canadian Firearms Program

Gun violence is serious social problem and Canada has a long history of firearms control. However, increasing costs to the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) has made it a lightning rod for criticism from both pro and anti-gun advocates. Reports out of the media and Auditor General Sheila Fraser paint a picture of inefficiency, incompetence and mismanagement. This paper looks at the main issues faced by decision makers, analyses them, presents alternatives and makes recommendations based on the analysis. Key Issues (10 marks)

Issue 1 (Most Important Issue):
The first and most important issue to be dealt with is the effectiveness of a gun registry program in reducing gun related crimes. If it were the case that a mandatory registry program does little to curb gun violence, then it would be prudent to abandon the concept and invest in other means (legal, social) to reduce crimes. The main goal of gun control is not to infringe on people’s right to own guns but rather to limit the access of illegal firearms to criminals. If any such program is intrinsically incapable of doing so then the program should undoubtedly be scrapped. Issue 2 (Second Most Important Issue):

If there is evidence in favor of gun registry, meaning it is possible to definitively conclude that a strong gun control policy directly translates to a reduced rate of crime (gun related), only then should the current program be studied for its effectiveness and feasibility. The case literature provi...

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