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Canadian Flag Debate Essay

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Canada had been an outstanding country for many years but has always lacked one important thing. Until the year 1965, Canada did not have their own official flag. The Canadian flag debate was a major controversy to Canada because many thought it was about time for Canada to have their own flag years after gaining their independence from Britain. The Canadian flag debate had a very interesting background and the Canadians involvement towards the flag debate was just phenomenal. As well as the creation of the Canadian flag, there was also a great deal of importance behind the Canadian flag debate itself within Canada. The Canadian flag debate was one of the most significant parts of Canadian history in the modern era.

In the 1963 federal election campaign, Liberal Opposition Leader Lester Pearson promised that he would give Canadians a distinct national flag during his first term in office. ("The Great Canadian Flag Debate," Flag Debate) The Canadian Flag Debate had taken place on June 15, 1964 Prime Minister Lester Bowles Pearson scheduled his plans for a new flag in the House of Commons to represent Canada. ("Flag Debate," The Canadian Encyclopedia) Since Canada entered Confederation in 1867, Canada's official flag had been Britain's Union Jack, although the Red Ensign was regularly flown about for qualified purposes. Pearson wanted to create a distinctly Canadian flag that would reveal no colonial or cultural symbolism of Great Britain. The French Canadians followed a keen interest in the debate while tensions were mounting amongst the English Canadians. John George Diefenbaker had taken an opposition towards Pea...

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