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Canadian Food Processing 1 Essay

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Canadian Food Processing
The food processing industry of Canada is one of the world’s most innovative and globally appreciated industries. Canada is the powerhouse of global agri-food and it offers the global investors a lot of wealthy opportunities from grains and oilseed production and processing to the functional foods as well as fine niche products. The advantages of this sector include high-quality, abundant and most competitively priced agricultural raw materials, a large number of skilled labours and a ready access to the global markets. The food and beverage processing industry of Canada is the second largest manufacturing industry of this country. Within the manufacturing sector, the food manufacturing represents approximately 9.4% of the GDP and food processing represents an estimated $20 billion, or approximately 2% of Canada’s total GDP. The food manufacturing sectors have the larger percentage of larger-sized employers in Canada which includes meat manufacturing, sugar and confectionary, fruit and vegetable processing and seafood product preparation. There are an estimated 10,500 small and large food processing establishments in total in Canada. Every year, Canada exports a wide-range of processed food products to more than 175 trading partners around the world and the value of the agri-food exports, including seafood, exceeds $30 billion annually. The processed goods, combined with meat, bulk grains, oilseeds and vegetables are Canada’s top agriculture and food exports. Other important export foods include milk products; fish and seafood; maple syrup and honey; organic, natural and health foods; and confectioneries and beverages. Between 2003 and 2011, nearly 100 foreign companies established Greenfield projects in Canada’s food and beverage sector

Canada's red meat and meat products industry includes beef, pork, lamb, meat goats, rabbits, as well as venison and bison. It is the largest sector of the Canadian food manufacturing industry with annual revenues valued at $24.2 billion in 2010. The meat processing companies of Canada make a wide variety of meat products ranging from fresh or frozen meat to processed, smoked, canned and cooked meats. It also includes sausage and deli meats. About 70% of processed meats in Canada, such as sausages or cold cuts, are made with pork. Canada's beef exports increased about 8% from 2009 to 407,515 tonnes in 2010. In 2011, there were 12.46 million cattle and calves, down 3.4% from the previous year, on 96,430 Canadian farms and ranches, 11.9 million hogs, up 0.5% from the previous year, on approximately 6,995 farms, Pork exports increased in 2010 to 1,097,694 tonnes, up 2% from 2009. Processed pork sales totalled an estimated 55,419 tonnes in 2010 with the United States being the dominant purchaser (73%). Canadian milk and dairy products are world-renowned for their excellence. The dairy industry ranks third in the Canadian agricultural sector following grains & oil seeds, and red meats. In 2011, dairy production in Canada generated total net farm receipts of $5.8 billion and sales of $13.7 billion, representing 16.4% of the Canadian food and beverage sector. There are 453 milk processing plants (including 273 federally-inspected) contributing to more than 22,500 jobs across Canada. The three largest processors in the country (Saputo, Agropur and Parmalat) process close to 80% of the total raw milk produced in Canada. The fluid milk market (table milk and fresh cream) represents 38% of milk production or 29 million hectolitres, while the market for manufactured dairy products such as butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream accounts for 62% of production or 48 million hectolitres of milk. Production of organic milk, although fairly limited, is steadily increasing in Canada reaching 90 million litres in 2010/11; production has more than doubled in the last 5 years. Goat and sheep milk output is also increasing, mainly for use in cheese manufacturing. It is estimated that Canadian annual production of goat milk is over 35 million litres. In the food processing industry, cleanliness and product safety are of paramount importance. Sanitary work spaces, compliance with regulations and the demand to deliver a quality product are all part of the success equation. specifically engineered and painstakingly built to meet the sanitary requirements of the individual food processor. For food processing & packaging automation equipment, DE-STA-CO is the industry leader. With a long history of serving Food Processing and Packaging Automation Industries, D...

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