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Canadian Human Rights Essay

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Canadian Human Rights Act
Ganesh kumar Musle
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Personnel Administration
MADS 6602-Section V1
Dawn Hines
November 11, 2013

Every individual has the right to get the things or rights for which he/she is entitled to, as a human being. Every individual is privileged to get respect, quality of life and equality. Most of all, everyone expects a life free from discrimination. Part 1 of Canadian Human Rights Act focusses mainly on discrimination based on race, sex, marital status, religion, family status, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, disability, color and conviction for an offense for which a pardon has been granted or in respect of which a record suspension has been ordered. (Canadian Human Rights Act, 1977, p.1). Part 1 of Canadian Human Rights Act defines discrimination and specifies on what grounds discrimination can be treated as a crime. Introduction

The Canadian Human Rights act, passed in 1997 by the parliament of Canada was mainly intended to protect its citizens from all type of discriminatory acts based on specific guidelines mentioned in the act. This act was passed by federal government and therefore applies only to the areas under federal jurisdiction. The two key areas to which this act applies are federal government, which includes federal legislations, departments, regulations, crown corporations and agencies and secondly to the businesses and industries regulated by the federal government such as telephone companies and transport companies running their businesses interprovincially, banks and national airlines etc. The main goal of this act is to remove the barriers that discriminate human beings on various aspects.

For all purposes of this Act, race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, marital status, sex, family status, disability and conviction for which a pardon has been granted are prohibited grounds of discrimination. (Canadian Human Rights Act, 1977, p.1)

The administrative role of Canadian Human Rights is filled by Canadian Human Rights Commission and Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, the former deals with the analyses of the cases and the later does the judgement. Both the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Tribunal are independent of each other. Meaning of Discrimination

It is described as an action or an act with an intention to treat a person or a group of individuals in a negative way on grounds of age, sex, race or religion. According to Canadian Human Rights Act, there are several kinds of practices known as Discriminatory Practices on the basis race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, marital status, sex, family status, disability and conviction for which a pardon has been granted are prohibited grounds of discrimination. (Canadian Human Rights Act, 1977, p.1) Proscribed Discrimination

Part 1 of Canadian Human Rights Act deals mainly with the description of the discriminatory practices under section 5-12. Section 5 deal...

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