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Canadian Identity Essay

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Arman Duggal
Ms. Lefaive
11 June 2013
Canada’s evolution since WW2

The dynamics of Canada’s Laws of tolerance, bilingualism and multiculturalism towards non-British descent have changed since World War II (WW II). During the First World War, a term called “Enemy Aliens” was used towards Canadians of non-British descent who were treated very poorly. Many were sent to internment camps where they had to endure harsh living conditions. Equality was not present at the time. It was nearly 26 years after the end of WWII that a formal Multiculturalism Policy was adopted in 1971. It ensured that all Canadians will have the freedom of belief, opinion and religion. It created a more culturally diverse society which has now become the hallmark of Canadian identity. Another significant development was the introduction of The Official Languages Act 1969 which essentially proclaimed both English and French to be the two official languages of Canada. As a result of these two Acts, Canada has ensured that it is committed to recognizing the rights of minorities in general and of immigrants on non-British descent in particular.

Both WW I and WW II saw the unfair treatment towards enemy aliens and natives in Canada. Japanese Canadian Internment which refers to the confinement of Japanese in British Columbia (BC) during WW II. Over twenty thousand Japanese were scattered in camps throughout BC where the living conditions were extremely poor, many families were forced to live in small shacks with inadequate heating in t...

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