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Canadian Involvement In Afghanistan Is Humanitarian Essay

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Intervention means to enter or appear as an irrelevant or extraneous feature or circumstance. The diction expressing irrelevance and extraneous appearance undoubtedly applies to the concept of humanitarian intervention. Despite the proposed intentions of humanitarian intervention, it is often clear that it is not effective in creating sustainable long-term solutions to long-term issues. Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan outlines six priorities that all focus on imposing a democratic system. These priorities call for critique on the fact that a government “by the people” is being developed by an extraneous force. Human intervention does not produce an independent democratic body but a dependent state as a new source for exploitation. Canada’s involvement temporarily addresses civil rights issues but at the expense of substantial progress for Afghanistan itself. Presence of military forces in Afghanistan neither tames security and safety threats posed by extremist groups. In fact civilian deaths and other negative outcomes occurring during military occupation will be attributed to Canadian forces and this puts the future safety of the country at risk. Therefore Canada should not be involved in Afghanistan if motivated by development of long-term solutions and protecting their self-interests. These ideas will be examined to substantiate how the extraction of Canadian forces in Afghanistan will offer potential for long term solutions to human rights issues and protect the interests of both Afghani and Canadian people, demonstrating normative thinking and the assumptions associated with economic structuralist thinking.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (hereby referred to as NATO) engagement in Afghanistan is focused on developing the country as a democratic body which includes priorities geared towards establishing effective law and justice systems. However attempts to implement this sort of system have violated the very laws that are trying to be established to preserve human rights. A prominent example of this violation would be NATO’s current interest in arming Mujahedeen commanders, guerrilla fighters formed and utilized during the Soviet occupation, in efforts to recruit police forces. Carlotta Gall describes the mujahedeen as having “fearsome reputations...have deep links in communities that can be revived to gather intelligence and...

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