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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2
1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Business Ideas 3
2.1 Product 4
2.2 Shop Location 5
2.3 Search for the right location 6
2.4 Shop Size and Cost 7
2.5 Operation 8
2.6 Equipment Required 9
3.0 Cost Estimates 13
3.1 Product Cost Price 13
3.2 Product Selling Price 15
3.3 Fixed Costs 16
3.4 Monthly Ingredients Expense 17
3.5 Variable Costs 19
4.0 Strategy and Implementation 20
4.1 Competitive Edge 20
4.2 Marketing Strategy 20
4.3 Sales Strategy 21
4.4 Sales Forecast 21
5.0 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis 22
5.1 Breakeven Point 22
5.2 Contribution Margin Ratio 22
5.3 Margin of Safety 22
6.0 3-Year Analysis of Projected Profit 23
7.0 Non Financial Elements 25
7.1 Competitors 25
7.2 Risks and Customers 25
8.0 Overall Recommendation 27
9.0 Appendix 28


In line with government’s entrepreneurship drive to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, five of us who are close friends decided to start a sole proprietorship business. We are also encouraged by the numerous success stories reported in the local papers recently. We brainstormed for business ideas and commence to gather various data through market research, on-site observations and internet research.

Business Ideas

[Figure 3.1]

After much consideration, we decided to venture into selling healthy pizzas in coffee shop. Arriving at this idea is greatly influences by the hectic lifestyle of Singaporeans and also government’s effort in promoting healthy lifestyle.

With a busy and stressful lifestyle, many working Singaporeans find cooking meals tiring and time consuming. Hence, many prefer to dine out or take quick bites to fill their hungry stomachs. While the younger generation fancy western foods under the influence of the Americans.

As the business world is always about supply and demand, there are many businesses in the current market selling quick bites like curry puffs, cakes, pies and many other finger foods. However, these are often fried or high in salt and fat therefore, these bring about concerns in negative health effects.

Addressing the concerns, we amended our initial idea of selling pizzas which can be high in salt and fat into selling healthy Italian pizzas. This would allow patrons to grab a bite during busy days, benefit pizza lovers and others by offering pizza as a part or complete balanced meal with health protection.

1 Product

Pizza is a world-popular dish of Neapolitan origin, made with an oven-baked, flat, generally round bread that is often covered with tomatoes or a tomato-based sauce and cheese. Other topping are added according to region, culture, or personal preference.

To stand out from the current pizza market, we decided to sell pizza al taglio in Rome.

In Italy, Pizza al Taglio, (Italian for pizza by the slice (lit. by the cut)) also known as Pizza Rustica (Italian for peasant-like), is a variety of pizza baked in large rectangular trays, and generally sold in rectangular slices by weight, with prices marked per kilo or 100 grams. The simplest varieties include Pizza Margherita (tomato sauce and cheese), Pizza bianco (olive oil & salt), and Pizza rosso (tomato sauce only). Other typical toppings include artichokes, asparagus, eggplant, ground meat and onions, potatoes, prosciutto, salami, sausage, ground truffles, zucchini and olive oil. Most varieties are limited to a few toppings. Pizza al taglio is a popular casual food in Italy, where for many years it has been a common way for people to grab a quick snack or meal. It has started to catch on in many other countries with differences in the styles of crusts, and toppings, suiting their own cultures. [1]

Based on online polling, the top favorite toppings of pizza lovers are Pepperoni, Mozzarella Cheese, Sausage, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Bacon, Ham, Shrimp, Onions, and Green Peppers. [2]

With all of the above information gathered, we will offer Pizza rosso that uses tomato sauce only. Our customers can customize the pizza to their delight with a balance diet of vegetables and meat. They can choose one choice of vegetable base topping and three other toppings.

To ensure freshness and quality of our pizza, the bottom base of the pizza or crust will be pre-baked on the day morning while the toppings will also be pre-cooked in healthy methods like boiling, steaming and grilling. After ordering, the pizza will be send into the oven for heating up and normal waiting time would be about 10 to 15 minutes. We aim to provide our customers with fresh and healthy pizza with good and customized service at an affordable price.

2 Shop Location

|Planning Area|Total |
|Total |3,733.9 |197.8 | | | | | |Pizza Cutters - 5 Inch |For cutting pizza |$2.00 Each | |[pic] | | | | | | | |Wooden Pizza Peels |For serving pizzas |$6.50 Each | |[pic] | | | | | | | |Roller Pin |For making pizza dough |$4.00 Each | | | | | |[pic] | | | | | | | |Over Mitts |Intended Glove Use Heat Protection |$2.00 Each | | | | | |[pic] | | | | | | | |Cheese / Spice Shakers |For customer’s use |$12.80 | | | |For 3 Sets | |[pic] ...

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