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Canadian Politics Essay

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1.) In Canadian Politics, who is the most power?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Canada. She has dedicated her life to public service and continues to serve Canada.

Stephen Joseph Harper is a Canadian politician who is the 22nd and current Prime Minister of Canada and the Leader of the Conservative Party. Harper became prime minister in 2006, forming a minority government after the 2006 election. He is the first prime minister to come from the newly reconstituted Conservative Party, which formed after a merger of the Progressive Conservative Party and the Canadian Alliance. 2.) which group are responsible for proposing, passing, and interpreting laws in canada?


6.) Why does the Canadian Senate consist only of members of the Liberal/ Conservative party?

The Macdonald Legacy
John A. Macdonald entered the 1854 coalition as a moderate Conservative, and it was he who eventually shaped the Liberal-Conservative Party that was dominant ...

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